Does Catholic Charities in Punta Gorda, FL Offer Legal Services?

Are you looking for legal aid offices in Punta Gorda FL? Look no further! The Diocese of Catholic Charities of Venice Inc offers a variety of programs that provide families and individuals with vital assistance.

Does Catholic Charities in Punta Gorda, FL Offer Legal Services?

Are you looking for legal aid offices in Punta Gorda, FL? Look no further! The Diocese of Catholic Charities of Venice, Inc. offers a variety of programs in DeSoto County that provide families and individuals with vital assistance designed to help them find their potential for success and become more self-reliant. CATHOLIC CHARITIES DIOCESE OF VENICE, INC. SERVES ALL THOSE IN NEED REGARDLESS OF RACE, NATIONALITY, OR CREED.

This is achieved through more than 28 programs in different locations in the 10-county diocese. These programs support more than 100,000 individuals and families each year, both on a large and small scale, including feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless. That number more than doubled last year due to the response to the disasters that followed Hurricane Ian. The Catholic Charities programs of the Diocese of Venice, Inc.

are proud to collaborate with various community agencies to provide educational experiences to the residents of Casa San Juan Bosco. If you are interested in helping organize, direct, or participate in this effort, contact Kelly Evers.

St. Totus Tuus: A Catholic Summer Youth Camp Program


Totus Tuus (a Latin phrase that means “totally yours”) is a Catholic summer youth camp program dedicated to sharing the Gospel and promoting the Catholic faith through evangelization, catechesis, Christian witness, and Eucharistic worship. The executive director of Catholic Charities, Eduardo Gloria, said that supporting the “Summertime and the Giving is Easy” call provides an opportunity to make a significant impact with a direct donation to children and families in need. Dick has been a member of the Collier County Catholic Charities Advisory Board and was president of the Catholic Charities Board. The dedicated counselors of Catholic Charities provide invaluable guidance and support during difficult times, helping to discover solutions and the development of effective coping mechanisms.

The Fort Myers team competed against the best schools in all of Florida and culminated in a dominant 4-0 victory over the Orlando Master's Academy. The event was organized by Karen O'Shea and prayers were prayed for peace in the world and the lives of unborn babies.

Casa San Juan Bosco Farm Worker Housing

Casa San Juan Bosco Farm Worker Housing is a Catholic charities complex located in Arcadia that provides affordable, quality housing to area farmworkers and their families. Dewane praised Catholic Charities staff, volunteers, and benefactors for coming together after Hurricane Ian.

Francis Xavier Catholic School

The Francis Xavier Catholic School in Fort Myers participated in a special project called the Saints Wax Museum. Catholic Charities works hard to help those in need in Southwest Florida through programs for refugees, camps for children in need, disaster response, adoption, housing assistance, HIV outreach, and many more.

Surviving Divorce Program

If you or someone you know is facing the challenges of separation or divorce, consider participating in the Surviving Divorce program developed by Rose Sweet, a renowned Catholic author and speaker.

Does Catholic Charities Provide Legal Services?

So does this catholic organization provide any legal services? The answer is yes! The Diocese of Venice offers legal aid services through its various programs.

These services include providing legal advice to those who are facing separation or divorce as well as providing assistance with housing issues. Additionally, they offer assistance with immigration issues as well as providing access to resources for those who are facing financial hardship. The Diocese also provides access to resources such as counseling services for those who are struggling with mental health issues or addiction. They also offer educational opportunities such as classes on financial literacy as well as job training programs.

In addition to providing legal aid services, the Diocese also offers spiritual guidance through its various programs. They offer spiritual retreats as well as prayer groups for those who are seeking spiritual guidance. Overall, the Diocese of Venice provides a wide range of legal aid services as well as spiritual guidance for those who are seeking assistance. If you or someone you know is looking for legal aid services or spiritual guidance then be sure to contact the Diocese of Venice today!.

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